Alternative Facts = A Different Perspective

We all think our opinions are right.


#AlternativeFacts is a horrible way of saying, #ADifferentPerspective, but this is what, I believe is the meaning. With this blog my intent is to bring to my readers, just that.

A different perspective is not a bad thing. We all get so caught up in the passion of how we believe, our personal feelings, experiences and opinions…sometimes it’s hard to see any other perspective through all of our own fire.

We all think our opinions are right. What you think are facts, I may know something else that you haven’t read or seen yet, as well as you may have seen or read something I haven’t. The facts I know are a different way of looking at the same thing. As well as vise versa. This is why creating a dialogue between one another is so very important. We can not just spout off anger and then shut down, just because we think our opinion is the right opinion. We will not get anywhere doing things like that.

Listening to each other is key. Educating ourselves is key. RESPECTING EACH OTHER IS KEY. The hating and the name calling is not helping anyone’s cause.

I’ve found that the bias from any news media these days has forced us to read the same story, 3-5 times in order to navigate our way through what the facts actually are and what is the opinions of the author. It’s making it exhausting to try and stay informed. This is not an acceptable practice for any news source to use.

A news source should be giving the straight up factual news and then letting the public decide how they feel about it. That means not leaving out convenient facts, because they do not fit their own agenda/opinion. This also means not trying to turn stories into positives or especially negatives to create angst and/or any other feelings in the public. It’s irresponsible as a journalist. If you are going to be an opinion writer, start a blog like I did.

I’ve also found that the more hateful, outrageous, and inciteful the headlines are the more the media will use them, even if they don’t really have anything to do with the actual story. They do it to get your attention, if a story is posted on social media, they want you to click it. The more clicks the more money for the ads that are supporting their website.

Did you know that most of Americans don’t even read beyond the headlines? Many of them will make a negative comment regarding their opinion and not even know what they are commenting on.

“the average news consumer in the United States is a headline-reader — at best. A new study by the Media Insight Project, an initiative of the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute — the entire thing is enlightening about how we consume (and don’t consume) news — affirms this fact.”-via The Washington Post

In conclusion, it’s best to do your research, and stay informed. Don’t just stay on page one of your search results. I tend to navigate through at least 10 pages. That way you can read the same story from many sources, and include a variety, between left wing/right wing/ and independent opinions. It’s also helpful to look for old news from years past, because you might find that the news is now changing the narrative from the facts of history they were reporting several months or years ago.

Good luck everyone! I hope you all feel better soon and God Bless America!

Source: Washington Post

Americans read headlines. And not much else.

Author: wadingthruthecrap

~ Your friendly neighborhood superhero. ~ Openminded Christian Right Leaning Libertarian Woman - I would really just like to see us all compromise and live in harmony. The negativity is really taking a toll on me mentally and physically. We don't have to agree to get along. We don't have to agree, to respect each other and share ideals. I do all my own research in order to stay informed and to stay SANE! If I just let the news and hearsay govern me I'd be freaking out and living under my bed. The fear-mongering must stop!

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