Let’s Settle This -Trump’s Inauguration Photo

See how CNN Debunks their own fake story about the inauguration photo of President Donald J. Trump 2017


Most of the public has seen the comparison photos of Obama’s Inauguration and Trump’s.(Allegedly that is Trump’s 2017 Inauguration photo on the left and Obama’s from 2009 on the right.)


Above is the photo that went out to the public, just an hour or so after President Trump’s 2017 inauguration was over with.

When I first saw this article, it came from CBS, with a photo credit to Reuters. I knew it was #fakenews. It made me so angry, that I had to post it, to my facebook page, and call it out to the rest of my friends. I included this statement:

“This is fake news. They must have used a picture from earlier in the morning or something because when I watched, the place was completely packed. Shame on you CBS for feeding the negativity.”

I also posted on several news page’s articles, from Facebook, that had picked up story. The story spread like wildfire, in a matter of a few hours. I kept telling people that it was a fake story, and the other things that I have said, in the quote above. I will believe what I saw on live TV, with my own eyeballs. The place was packed all the way to the Washington Monument. There is no way that this picture was taken at the time of his swearing in. Not to mention the fact that it was raining. I was criticised, called every offensive name you can think of, including the absolute worst things you can think of, by every #TrumpHater. It’s very disheartening to know you are right, and no one believes you. The hate was so thick I could have cut it with a knife.
Below you will see a video I found. You can imagine how happy I was to see it. I immediately went to search the heck out of it and make sure it was legit. First I went to CNN, because it claims that CNN debunks their own story. Apparently CNN was either the source of the story, or one of the news sources that jumped on it, as soon as they saw it. (No wonder Trump has been calling them fake news. Right?) After searching CNN I couldn’t find it, but I went and search “giga pixels inauguration day 2017 Trump”. Bam! I left the link for you below the video.

Here is the link so you can see for yourself:


In the video the claim is the President Trump Inauguration picture was actually taken at 8:00 am on Friday January 20, 2017. Deliberately a manipulation to cause drama in the public eye.

Now my questions for you are.

  • If they lied to you here, what else have they lied to you about?

  • How can you believe everything they say after all that drama over this photo above?

  • Do you think it’s morally right for them to be manipulating your emotions?

  • Should YOU have to search for REAL PHOTOS to actually get the TRUTH?

  • Do you really think the Trump Administration, or President Donald Trump himself really over reacted over the drama and circus they made over the FAKE story?

  • How would you feel in his position if you were trying to be the new President of The United States of America and by printing this photo it made everyone think that you had no support at your inauguration?

These are all questions that trouble me. Especially because by making you think that no one was there, they manipulated how you feel about the peaceful transfer of power, between our previous President Obama and our new controversial President Trump. You have been mad and stress for over a week and this story helped start the tension. It also has help incite the violence and several people have been HURT because of the tension.
Honestly, in my own opinion, I do not think he overreacted. He could have reacted better. He could have tried to calmed down before he made a statement, however he has every right to be mad. We all have a right to be very mad!

Author: wadingthruthecrap

~ Your friendly neighborhood superhero. ~ Openminded Christian Right Leaning Libertarian Woman - I would really just like to see us all compromise and live in harmony. The negativity is really taking a toll on me mentally and physically. We don't have to agree to get along. We don't have to agree, to respect each other and share ideals. I do all my own research in order to stay informed and to stay SANE! If I just let the news and hearsay govern me I'd be freaking out and living under my bed. The fear-mongering must stop!

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