Chuck Schumer’s Crocodile Tears?

This is more about a B.S. detection, instead of just fake news. Although many news sources have been setting the tone, that Chuck Schumer, is devastated about, this new terrorist protection executive order, that President Trump has implemented.

(Actual text to the order,)

If you think President Trump, wasn’t being very nice, when he said, Chuck Schumer was fake crying, about the “refugee pause”. You really should watch this video. It’s very eye opening. Chuck Schumer and anyone promoting the story that, Chuck is in fact genuine about those tears, is manipulating your mind and playing on your emotions.

In my opinion, National Security should not even be a debate, period. According to this video, sounds like that’s what Mr. Chuck Schumer thinks too. However, he’s changed his mind all of the sudden. I wonder why? Could it be because he just doesn’t want to accept the fact that Donald Trump is the President of The United States?

*Notice how there is a small group of refugees standing around Mr. Schumer, in the video above. Is this suppose to make us feel even more guilty? Are these human props to make his statement more impactful? I don’t appreciate tactics like that.  

The press is using, mass hysteria and now guilt to manipulate your perception. They want to use your compassion, your giant hearts, and your need to help others, to make you think  you should be putting these refugees in front of the safety of your family. They are trying to use guilt, to make you think if you don’t, then you are some how a horrible selfish person. Putting the needs of our country and it’s people is not being mean spirited, or un-American. It also doesn’t mean that people’s rights are being violated. If anything it means our right to safety is being preserved.

This is not a violation of religious freedom, because this is not a “muslim ban.” This is a temporary pause, so that we can “quality check” our vetting process as a precaution. This is a pause of a group of countries, not people. These countries have been marked as dangerous, not by the Trump Administration but by the Obama Administration.

This is immigration explained with gumballs. When I first stumbled upon it, I almost didn’t watch it. By the time it was over, my mind was completely blown!

So after watching this video, you can see that helping people where they are; helping them become strong free countries, where they already live; ultimately helps way more people than trying to bring them all here. Not only that, but by bringing the smartest and strongest people here, it takes away from those communities that would benefit by having that person stay and build their society. It also can end up putting a major strain on our communities and population.

Setting up programs to help these refugees in their countries has the potential to help so many more people, and would make such a bigger impact on the world.

Photo credit: Power of Positivity

This update of the vetting process, is not the first thing that Chuck Schumer has been a hypocrite about. Currently, he doesn’t support, President Donald J. Trump’s nomination for SCOTUS, (Neil Gorsuch), even though, Chuck was part of the unanimous vote in 2006, that confirmed Gorsuch for Colo. appeals court judge. (Blog about this to come.)

Flashback: These Current Democrat Senators All Voted To Support Gorsuch In 2006


On July 20, 2006, Neil Gorsuch Was Confirmed By The Senate On A Voice Vote As A Judge On The United States Court Of Appeals For The Tenth Circuit. (PN1565, Gorsuch Nomination , Approved By Voice Vote, 7/20/06)

There Are 12 Democrat Senators That Supported Gorsuch’s Nomination In 2006 And Are Still In The Senate Including: Chuck Schumer (D-NY),

Other Democrat Senators That Supported Gorsuch In 2006 Included Harry Reid (D-NV), Barack Obama (D-IL), Joe Biden (D-DE), And Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Below is the actual text of the executive order that has caused all the controversy and protesting. I just want to note to you that it says nothing about a “muslim ban”. It says nothing about discriminating against people, because of religion or race. There are 40 other muslim dominate countries, that are not on the order. I also want to note that the list of countries was taken from intel that was obtained during the Obama Administration. This order is only temporary, so that we can “quality check,” improve our “vetting” and national security. This is a precaution, put in place for our safety. If this order saves even one of our American citizens or individuals already living in this country. It was worth it.


It’s interesting to me the picture, that the press is trying to paint, and the actual reality, is nothing like what they want you to believe. Why am I not surprised? I keep exposing their lies.


[Update: 2-3-17 11:18pm: I found this — An open letter to Senator Chuck Schumer

by Ray Starmann is the founder of US Defense Watch. He is a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and veteran of the Gulf War] Definately worth the read. 


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