Make Up Your Own Mind About Charlottesville’s Infamous Violent Protest

Evidence that shows some strange coincidences about the Charlottesville violence and the leftists collaborating with someone to setup violence to blame on President Trump.


Here is all the evidence I could dig up on the Charlottesville Protest/Rally that happened on the on August 12, 2017 and the ugly racist disgusting march that happened the night before.

There is a ton of information here and I urge you to watch all the videos, look at all the articles and at the end, form your own opinion about what actually happened at the Charlottesville Rally. Don’t just listen to what everyone wants you to believe. Make up your own mind.

(Many of the videos contain harsh language and some violence.)

Before you continue reading you need to hear a truth that so many want to deny.

This rally that happened on Saturday, August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia is what the President was talking about when he made ALL of his statements. The event that happened the night before with the disgusting chants, torches and racial supremacy was not what he was commenting on. He was commenting on the violence that happened on Saturday, which was coming from several group from BOTH SIDES, The Alt-Right vile Neo-Nazis AND The-Alt Left, BLM and Antifa. Both groups came to the event with intentions to start trouble. Antifa and BLM brought plenty of ammunition with them, (bottles full of urine, cans full of concrete, aerosol cans to turn into flame throwers etc. you can find most of these videos on YouTube as long as they haven’t been censored.) That should be proof enough that they were planning on a rumble.

Whether you would like acknowledge or not, the videos from the event also show that there was IN FACT peaceful protests also there ON SATURDAY, because at this moment I’m only talking about Saturday, because that is what President Trump was talking about. Most of these peaceful protesters on BOTH SIDES were NOT involved in the violence. I am pretty sure that includes the lady that unfairly lost her life while peacefully standing up for what she believed is right.

President Trump was not condemning peaceful protesters, because they were not involved in the violence. So those who are so offended because they feel like he was condemning the poor woman that died need to stop interpreting it that way. That is NOT what he meant. If you listen to his entire statement you will hear him only condemning violence from those who participated in it.

Once BLM and Antifa got to the rally the police told the “White Supremacists” and other protesters” it was an unlawful protest and then instructed them to walk through the opposition group of BLM and Anitfa, instead of keeping the groups away from each other. The police were told to stand down of any intervention of violence.

For those who want to deny that BLM and Antifa are not violent Alt-Left groups, I can urge you to do some research to find the truth for yourself. These groups justify violence against ANYONE THEY DON’T AGREE WITH. That means everyone that supports President Trump is fair game to them. They claim to only punch Nazis in the face, however they label anyone that doesn’t agree with them as a Nazi. They would punch, me, a 5’3” woman, in the face for wearing a Trump shirt. That is not anti-fascist. IT IS FASCIST & THEY ARE COMMUNISTS.

Charlottesville: What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

**Disclaimer some offensive language and violence**

Now that you have the above information, let’s talk about both Friday, August 11, 2017 and Saturday, August 12, 2017 as a whole.

“Unite the Right” was actually STAGED by the Left?

If the tragic events in Charlottesville this past weekend and the near-immediate cries by the Left and the “mainstream” media within 24 hours to dismantle every enduring vestige of the Old South seem a little too perfectly timed to you, then pat yourself on the back: Your instincts serve you well.

As it turns out, the Charlottesville event itself was set up not by “right-wing racists” but by a Left-wing operative.

In a bombshell report by iBankCoin, the “Unite the Right” event organizer, Jason Kessler, was an “Occupy” movement and Obama supporter just last year.

That’s right; Kessler was reportedly a supporter of President Obama as the far-Left anarchist “Occupy” movement as recently as November 2016, before he established the alleged white supremacist organization “Unity & Security for America.”

As the Southern Poverty Law Center notes:

Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.

At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.

There is also some speculation that Kessler may have been an assignment editor for CNN five years ago covering the “Occupy” movement.

Here are some samples of evidence:

Poll: Most New Yorkers Side With Protesters October 2011 CNN

He definitely wrote for CNN. There are several other stories with his name mentioned. Including this one below.

Weiner says he’s considering mayoral bid  October 2013 CNN

Jason Kessler’s Tweets over the years


Unite The Right’s, Jason Kessler, Was Paid By CNN, Tweets Supporting Obama Over The Years & Before November 2016 He Was Not Alt-Right or a White Supremacist

(He supported and voted for our first black president. Does that sound racist or like a white supremacist?)

See sample photos of his tweets:

There are plenty more in the video.

Here’s proof that this Twitter account is the same Jason Kessler. @TheMadDimension

Cover-up: Here’s what the media won’t say about Charlottesville’s protest organizer

As reports:

Kessler did not become a white supremacist until November of 2016. The timing all by itself is fishy here. He didn’t start his new cause until AFTER Donald Trump was elected President. He also took $1,320 as a consulting fee from a Democratic candidate running for the Senate in 2012. He’s pro-abortion, an environmentalist, a non-interventionist, pro-equality and an atheist, among other things. This guy sounds like someone that should be looked into. I find it very suspicious that a leftist would suddenly join a hate group to stir up chaos on our streets. Or maybe not so much.

“Nothing smells right about any of this,” iBankCoin notes. “In fact, Lee Stranahan has connected the ‘Unite the Right’ rally to an identical Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine supported by John McCain and Hillary Clinton.”

Lee Stranahan explains how the ritual that was performed on the night before all the violence was actually exactly what happened in the Ukraine when the Obama Administration supported Svoboda’s party. They used a coup to overthrow their leader and instill the leadership supported by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain. Svoboda’s party marches with torches and chants “Blood and Soil.” Just like we saw in Charlottesville.


He also points out some other connections and urges views to fact check him. So far everything I’ve looked for checks out. (Some of the connections include,….you guessed it…GEORGE SOROS!)

Flags in Ukraine – Blood and Soil / Sky and Wheat

Blood and Soil was the chant on August 11, 2017 the night before the Unite the Right Rally

And they were carrying the black and red flag. Interesting coincidence wouldn’t you say?

George Soros’ Giant Globalist Footprint in Ukraine’s Turmoil March 2014

— it is difficult to view the orchestrated chaos that has been unfolding in Ukraine without recognizing unmistakable evidence that it is being directed along a pre-planned path toward EU-U.S.-Ukraine-Russian convergence. Putin’s role is to rattle the sabers menacingly enough to frighten reluctant Ukraine to join the EU, while also convincing American and EU taxpayers to be forthcoming with the foreign aid and IMF funding that will “rescue” Ukraine and avert a war. And, after things settle down, we will look around to find Putin and his oligarchs carrying on business as usual with the new Ukraine government and its oligarchs, as well as with the Obama administration and “our” oligarchs, including, of course, George Soros.

“People sat up and listened when the Soviet threat was mentioned,” he later said. It taught him a valuable lesson: One way to assure that a viewpoint gets noticed is to cast it in terms of resisting the spread of Communism.”

Now, the point is not that there was no Soviet Communist threat at the time; the threat was definitely real. The point is that McCloy, Acheson, and their CFR cohorts had no intention of fighting communism and they knew that the Marshall Plan was certainly no anti-Communist program. In fact, it transferred billions of dollars from American taxpayers into the coffers of Europe’s socialist parties and politicians, and especially into the movements to create the European Coal and Steel Community, the nascent seed of the European Union.

It is not mere coincidence that George Soros and other globalists are invoking the Marshall Plan and Cold War rhetoric today, and citing Putin’s revived Soviet-style militarism, to sell their latest EU-IMF convergence gambit. It has worked for them many times in the past. So, for weeks we have been treated to the incredibly odd spectacle of George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ivo Daalder, et al, and the denizens of the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and PBS vying for the honor of claiming Joe McCarthy’s mantle.

Will we fall for it again? Americans would be wise to call a halt to this orchestrated rush to push Ukraine into the arms of Manuel Barroso, Mario Draghi, and Christine Lagarde — and to stick us, and the Ukrainian people, with the bill.–

-——— More Proof Things Seemed Staged

Jason Kessler the organizer of the “Unite the Right” Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

Days before the protest city wants to move protesters of the Robert E. Lee Statue coming down to a different park. One that has nothing to do with their protest. WHY?

Police Stand Down???

There is so much controversy surrounding the actual event and especially the violence, which was “allowed” to not only get out of hand but ultimately lead to three deaths: One protest participant and a pair of Virginia state troopers.

Police appeared to stand down and allow the violence to happen.

The Daily Wire reports:

The sheer violence and extremism on display in Charlottesville shocked the nation, and politicians all over the spectrum issued strong condemnations of the rally.

Foremost among them were Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Democratic Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer.

McAuliffe issued a strong denunciation of the alt-right and the rally violence on Saturday, telling white nationalists there was “no place for you in America.”

Signer sought to place the blame for the alt-right rally on President Trump, declaring that the supposed empowerment of racism “goes right to the doorstep of the president and the people around him who chose to dance with the devil in their presidential campaign.”

We all know President Trump has never supported any hate groups. (RELATED: Charlottesville Dem Mayor Blames Trump For Unrest)

Both of these Democratic leaders were praised by the media for their response to the violence that unfolded. But, interestingly enough, few reporters are asking them about their responsibility in letting Charlottesville turn into a battlefield between political extremists.

Law enforcement was on hand at the dueling demonstrations, decked out in riot gear and looking prepared for the worst. Except they weren’t allowed to do their job. Police on the scene were reported to have been ordered to “not intervene until given command to do so,” according to the ACLU.

This allowed things to escalate as far as they did. Had they been actively intervening and arresting people then maybe the people injured and that died would not have.

When police were ordered to disperse the alt-right rally, that act directed the white nationalists into the antifa demonstrators, leading to further street brawls. Police didn’t seem to try to get in between the two groups or suppress the fights.

Police: “Charlottesville, An Inside Job!”

As ProPublica reported, state police and National Guardsmen mostly stood aside and watched as the violence grew worse. (An eyewitness account from their reporter A.C. Thompson.)

This appears to be a direct result of what appears to be a stand down order from higher-ups.

Virginia State Police: There Were No Weapons Caches Hidden in Charlottesville, Despite Governor’s Claims

Charlottesville Rally Organizer Goes Into Hiding

…..his group is not a collection of white supremacists, but rather a “civil rights group.” A graduate of the University of Virginia, Kessler said he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and once attended an Occupy Wall Street rally in Charlottesville.

What he objects to are the identity politics of today. “Some are the discriminatory policies of affirmative action, college admissions, history books being rewritten, blaming American whites for slavery,” when it was a worldwide institution, he said, pointing out that “every culture had slavery.”

According to a Fox News report, prior to last Saturday’s rally, he prepared for the event by meeting with Charlottesville police several times and was even assigned a police liaison. He says the liaison went over the city’s safety plan with him, and let him see it but would not let him photograph it. He said that the captain “let slip” that in preparation for the rally, the city and police “did not use government servers because they did not want to get FOIA’d” — referring to avoidance of a Freedom of Information Act request.

(THAT doesn’t sound FISHY at all. **SARCASM!**)

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” Kessler said, noting that he has received no calls and no visits from police or federal investigators since the rally.

He further revealed that police had given the nationalists a specific entry way to the park, but that as they arrived at the park at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, the road to that entrance was blocked by police. The caravan of shuttle buses that the nationalists had rented had to detour to the opposite side of the park, where most of the Antifa demonstrators were positioned. And that was when the real trouble began.

According to Kessler, his group was forced to pass through Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other opponents at close range.

The body armor, clubs and helmets his people wore during the rally were strictly defensive, “for our own safety,” he said.

The question is, why? 

Why would cops intentionally be ordered to stand down rather than step up and intervene before the situation got completely out of hand (which it soon did when a car driven by an alleged white supremacist rammed into a crowd of people, killing one person and injuring 20-plus more). (Related: George Soros’ attempt to start a Left-wing revolution will end badly when Patriots step up to defend liberty.)

And why now? Why weren’t these historic reminders of offensiveness an issue all throughout President Obama’s term? Or even before that? Did everyone just now notice them?

Or perhaps a more appropriate question is, Who benefits from this melee? Because it certainly isn’t President Trump, conservatives, southern sympathizers, whites or anyone who isn’t a far-Left Marxist.

Events this weekend appear to be just the latest salvo in a widening culture war led by Left-wing revolutionary types who are determined to keep us angry, divided and fighting each other rather than uniting to solve problems and issues all of us are dealing with.

The purpose? First to keep our attention away from the many democrat related scandals that the media is hardly reporting on and divert or attention from what ever else they are up to.

Second, to make sure President Trump fails. Not only so his agenda doesn’t get implemented, that he won’t be reelected, and so they can possible get him impeached somehow, but also so that they can say that they were right about him all along.

When it comes to the Left’s political objectives, nothing is ever as it seems.

My best advice at this point is to cool our tempers on both sides and stop playing right into these disgusting elitists hands. We know we always have our Second Amendment to fall back on. Prepare yourself to protect yourself! We don’t need to participate in their violent narrative unless we absolutely have to protect ourselves. Otherwise they can keep exposing themselves as the violent ones.


The tough part is conservative voices, sites, blogs and vlogs are being silenced all over the place. So share what you know. Be sceptical of EVERYTHING YOU SEE AND HEAR! Even me! Check what I’ve told you. Research, watch live feeds and full conferences. Please watch all the videos I’ve posted for you hear and read all the articles. Don’t let the media filter your information. That’s what they are counting on, our gullibility. Don’t always believe the fact checking sites. They are already denying all the evidence I just showed you.

I know this all sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, but from what I’ve seen it isn’t. I saw all the live streaming during the Charlottesville Riot and President Trump was right. There was terrible violence being committed on both sides. There were also normal protesters there on both sides. The police were standing around like statues with riot gear on and all the eyewitness accounts lineup. Alt-Rightists were even being prevented from leaving after they had been pushed into the opposition protest crowds!

The left seems to be confused about ANTIFA and BLM being hate groups. They see them as heroes punching Nazis, but what they don’t understand is they commit violence against anyone they don’t agree with. (Hopefully I can find time to compile that evidence for you soon as well. But YouTube is a good place to search and see for yourself.)

Note Most of This Article is Compiled by Other Works from:

The National Sentinel

Daily Caller


Washington Times

More Related Stories & Videos:

Trump denounced David Duke in 2000

In Chicago recently, a Trump supporter infiltrated a Left-wing protest there, and was provided an opportunity to speak to the crowd. When he did, he rattled off a number of quotes — all from Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler — derived from his speeches back in the day, and from his autobiography, Mein Kampf. The only changes he made were replacing the words “Jews” and “bankers” with “Donald Trump.” (RELATED: Alt-Left terrorists attack Trump supporters again at rally in California: Are you proud, Democrats?)

Klan leader claims KKK has given $20K to Clinton campaign‘For the KKK, Clinton is our choice’

Washington Times April, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has received more than $20,000 in donations contributed by members of the Ku Klux Klan, a prominent member of the hate group said.

Mr. Quigg, the leader of the Klan’s California chapter, announced last month that he had abandoned supporting Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in lieu of backing his likely Democratic opponent. The Klansman claims that members have raised more than $20,000 for Mrs. Clinton and have donated it anonymously to her campaign.

Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire

Faith Goldy – Rocks being thrown at Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville


Supremacist who made racist comments about Ivanka and Kushner cries in fear of arrest

Avowed white supremacist Christopher Cantwell, who was featured giving an interview in a documentary by VICE News about the tragic Virginia rally last weekend, is singing a different tune after hearing there might be a warrant out for his arrest by the Charlottesville Police Department.

In the interview Friday afternoon, featured in the VICE documentary, Cantwell went on a vile, racist rant, including attacking Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, who is Jewish.

Here’s The Video Exposing Antifa the Media and Dems DON’T Want You to See!


James Alex Fields, Jr. : 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Snopes is already trying to say all of these things are debunked because Jason Kessler said so.

Well of course he would say that.

Politifact is now denouncing all the evidence as well.


My thoughts and prayers go out to Heather Heyer’s family and friends.
RIP Heather, the world has lost a very special strong lady who cared about standing up for what she believed in.

It’s beyond tragic.

This blog is meant to be a quest for the truth.

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